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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Acer Aspire 4530 WEI

This is the Windows Experience Index score for my Acer Aspire 4530
Not bad for a value laptop =)
How about yours?

You should set Power Plans to High Performance to get a accurate score
You should also know the performance will vary according to RAM configurations as 9100M G is an integrated graphics which utilises System RAM

PS:To get higher WinSAT Scores Change the Windows Theme to Classic Theme and Rerun Windows System Assessment


vinny said...

my laptop of "the same" species has these following scores:

Processor: 4.9
Memory: 5.8
Graphis: 4.0 (may i know the graphcs driver you used that gave you 4.1?)
Gaming graphics: 4.4 (i'm 1 pt. lower than you?)
Primary hard disk: 5.4 (i'm 1 pt. higher than you?)

Weinter said...

Let me guess your specs:
Your Laptop must be using a ZM-86 or 84
series Processor to be getting 4.9
Your Harddisk must be a 320GB one
Memory should be the same at 4GB
So your Model number should be
Acer Aspire 4530-864G32Mn
Let me know how many I got right?
How I arrive at the number...The reason is because I ran WinSAT in Classic Windows Vista Theme mode.
Windows System Assessment is only a guide don't take it too seriously.

I am using Nvidia 185.20 Driver currently.

Weinter said...

The reason for my lower harddisk score is because I partitioned it into 4 partitions instead of 1.

vinny said...

sorry to have forgotten to write about my hardware specifications, well, i'm using ZM-82, 160GB, 4GB ram (667), Acer Aspire 4530-801G16MN... it's pretty that i got ZM-82 since it is supposed to ship with ZM-80, even in the sticker ZM-80 is printed as the CPU.

vinny said...

aren't there any problems in using 185.20? is the hibernation and sleeping ok with these version? i'm using vista ultimate 32...

Weinter said...

No problems in 185.20 but there is a weird issue.
If you installed certain (181.20) drivers already Windows Vista will not recognise 185.20 as a valid Nvidia 9100M G and refuse to install it.
Best is to use it as a clean installation of Vista.
No problems with sleep, hibernate etc.

Harddisk scores depend on partition size as well.

To be sure what CPU you have use CPUZ utility to detect the CPU.
Control Panel is not accurate as sometimes the Factory Image use a different Processor