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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ultimate Windows Tweaker Update

There is an update to Ultimate Vista Tweaker, however the updates do not introduce new significant tweaks

Tweak Vista to remove as many unwanted functions as possible to make it faster and more responsive
Ultimate Windows Tweaker is actually a front-end for Windows Registry no additional Services or Programs is installed into your system
Get it here
You can alternatively find the registry entries manually and tweak it however it is not worth the time when someone already made a user friendly front end

Tweaks I used

I disabled the annoying pop up balloon tips because pop ups really irritates me

I set the Shutdown time to a lower setting
It is not good to set it to the lowest because Vista has lots of services, setting it too low can cause Service Abortion pop ups which is not a good thing and the default shutdown time is too long

I set Menu Speed to fastest because Vista animation is rather slow hence it irritates a user who wants to do real work This tweak will make Vista more responsive

Disable Vista built in Zip if you use third party compression tools no use having 2 identical tools on the machine (Most of the time 3rd party compression tools are better

Disable ReadyBoost because it is really useless
You are better off buying RAM upgrades

Disable Tablet Input if you are NOT using a Tablet

Disable Autoplay
Autoplay can sometime cause Virus Programs on Thumbdrive to be executed you will not want to test Vista security or your Anti Virus's abilities by enabling this

Disable Windows Mail if you are using Outlook or Thunderbird or anyother Email Client

Disable Windows Media Center if you are not using your PC as a entertainment Centre for TV Programmes

Hide your server from browsing list so when you connect to a network other PC will not know you are connected to the network

If you don't use Remote Desktop into this machine disable it

Disable File Access to this machine from other PCs in the network for better security

Disable IPC for other users again a security setting

Disable Recent share so your network access history to other Computers will be safe from prying eyes (this is not Internet History but LAN History)

Auto Discovery of Media is redundant (If you want the media files just copy it to your PC :P)

Set the bandwidth setting according to your network performance (Mine is high)

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