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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Maximising Vista Indexing

For those Tech Savy readers you might have heard of advices such as turning off Windows Xp Indexing Services
This is true for the old Indexing Search feature for Windows Xp
The new Indexing feature in Vista is a much improved feature
It is also available for Windows Xp by a different name Windows Search 4.0
For Windows Xp users you need to download it here

You can speed uo performance by making Windows Search Index only Important & Critical Folders
Here is how to do it:

You need to add C:\Windows and C:\Program Files to the list of Index Location.

(If you have a lot of Programs installed do not index C:\Program Files as it will cause high harddisk activity.)

So Windows will be able to locate files for launching or boot much faster

After that you need to let Windows idle so it will start indexing all locations
After Indexing is complete you are done !

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