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Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to Use Modded Drivers for Atheros Wireless

OK I guess everyone must be thinking isn't the Microsoft Drivers for Atheros Good Enough
I guess posting a screenshot will change your minds

Take a look at the modded driver options below

To install this driver
Go to this website
Find the corresponding driver for your operating system
Download and extract to your folder

Next Go to the familar>> Control Panel>> System>> HardWare>> Device Manager

Method 1 (Not Recommended as it is difficult to do driver rollback take a look at Method 2 below instead)

Right click & uninstall the device driver repeatedly for the atheros network adapter until it no longer auto install the Microsoft Driver as shown below

For Windows Vista/7 remember to check delete the driver software for the device

Then right click on the unidentified Network Adapter and browse to the folder you extracted the modded driver to install it.

Method 2 (Recommended as it is easy to do rollback)

A more convenient way to "force" the installation is to
  1. Right Click the adapter
  2. Choose "Update driver"
  3. Choose "Browse my Computer for driver software"
  4. Choose "Let me pick from a list of device driver on my computer"
  5. Choose "Have Disk"
  6. Browse to the extracted folder containing the driver and choose the "netathrx.inf" for 64bit Windows or "netathr.inf" for 32bit Windows.
  7. Select OK and you are done
Finally you will be able to enjoy the new driver options !!
If you are a wireless expert you will certainly like the new additional settings.
Also LaptopVideo2go claim there will be a performance boost with this driver.

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