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Monday, February 2, 2009

How to dismantle Acer Aspire 4530 (And Fix The WebCam Problem)

If your WebCam sometimes works and sometimes doesn't
Chances it is due to the lose wiring of the WebCam USB Cable
When you open/close the lid the Cable loses connection

To fix it you have to dismantle the front panel (There is no tearing of warranty sticker in the process)

Edit: Now I am trying a new solution 
It is actually very simple 
Use the Bison AP Driver instead of SuYin 
It works better as shown here.

The full guide to dismantling Aspire 4530 is available here

The front panel is boxed in blue

This is how to dismantle front panel

  1. Unscrew the screws circled in red
  2. Gently using a flat head screw driver gently lever the clips boxed in green
Additional tips
If the rubber pads boxed in blue drops out

Do not panic and send back to the service centre
They are attached to the laptop using double sided adhesive tape
Simply clean the surface and replace the pads using new double sided adhesive tapes

  • You should see a gap between the front panel and the body of the laptop

  1. Using the flat head screw driver detach the front panel gently
  2. You should see the front panel exposed

  1. Again Gently detach the keyboard by pushing it upwards and then outwards towards you
  2. Do not pull the keyboard there is a flat cable still attached to it

  1. If you need to replace the keyboard this is it
  2. Continuing you should see 2 wires (left and right) running from the LCD through the hinge

  1. Gently pull (just a bit will do) and loosen the wires to ensure the wires are not strained at the hinge part so when you close the lid the wires will not be strained
  2. Remember to tighten the connectors while you are at it
  3. Replace everything and reboot
The Picture below therefore should be the antenna of the Atheros Wireless Card

Additional Pictures of Internal Ports


Marlon said...

Amazing. I was searching for some tip like that.
I've a question. I'm trying to check my mobo to see the bluetooth connector that this notebook supose to have. Do you have some tips to what I have to look for?
I'm just crazy to buy a internal bluetooth adapter, but i dunno how many pins or what I have to do to reach this pins.
Thx, and congratulations!!

Daemon Advocate said...

The Bluetooth should be using a internal USB connector
My Aspire 4530 came with Bluetooth
In the Device Manager it states it is a bluetooth device
But for Aspire 4530 it is very difficult to dismantle the system fully moreover you might accidentally damage some components
Also the bluetooth is located deep inside the motherboard
Hence it is advisable to get the Acer Techs to do it for it (There is someone to blame if something goes wrong =P)

Marlon said...

You are right about it. I`ve contacted the acer support and I'm waiting they response. I'm from Brazil, so I don't expect to they do this service.
I follow your tips and disassembled the keyboard and check a 4 pin connector at keyboard conector left. You know if that's the one?
If you already disassembled you note, can you post some pictures of the connector and where acer have put the module?

Daemon Advocate said...

If your Aspire 4530 has the left 4 Pin Connector under the keyboard unattached
I am sure it is the one
My Aspire 4530 has the 4 Pin Connector occupied and my laptop is bluetooth capable
But I couldn't trace the device that was attached to the connector as it went under the laptop bottom
I didn't dismantle the laptop completely as I am not confident of putting it back

Marlon said...

No problem. You already gave me a great help. Since your notebook have this pin occupied, I can finally know what is the right device.
I hope Acer answer my e-mail with a positive solution.

Daemon Advocate said...

Updated the blog with better pictures
The last 2 is the 2 possible port pictures
The second last one is near the hinge
The last one is under the control button

Marlon said...

Your pictures help me a lot to decide what to do. The both connectors are occupied on my nb as well.
I think this connector is very good hidden under the plastic components.
I thought that the CN7 connector was the right one, but that connector is free at yours.
Man, I really hate Acer some times. Now I have to wait then.

Anonymous said...

i successfully dismantled my front panel but all my connectors are properly attached. what is this connector?


is the black and white cables are for webcam? i tried loosing it a bit but still my webcam has a problem.

Daemon Advocate said...

You are looking at the wrong cable It should be the cable at running to the LCD Panel through the hinge on the top right hand corner

Loosen as in make sure the cable is not too taut
The reason the webcam disconnects is because the webcam USB cable is too taut
When you close the hinge the cable loosens

Anonymous said...

so this cable should be loosen?


Daemon Advocate said...

Yes the wire on the right of the picture

Anonymous said...

actually that cable on the right is connected to atheron wlan card under the keyboard. i think the webcam is one of the two cables on the left side of the laptop.

Daemon Advocate said...

Hee Hee anyway doesn't really matter does it?
You can adjust both just make sure they aren't too taut =)

Marlon said...

Hi there.
Just to share, but acer didn't support to install any component on US/Canadian models. So, I e-mailed an acer partner here in Brazil, but they didn't answer me. So, I disassembled my aspire and found the connector. Is a 5-pin between pci-e and touch pad. I bought the adapter and install. It works perfectly.

Weinter said...

How did you further dismantle it?

Hugo Magalhães said...

Marlon, tudo bem? Vi que é brasileiro e resolveu o problema da webcam no acer 4530. Tenho o mesmo problema. Poderia me ajudar a resolver? Não entendi muito bem o que se deve alterar. Meu e-mail e msn hugomn@gmail.com. Grande abraço! ;)

Dmaster said...

Weinter: It's a little annoying. After use this forum's help, I have to take the keyboard off. All the connector must be pulled up. It's a lock. After that, you have to take off all screws located at L4 signals, plus 2 screws under the HD support. Than, you take off you monitor. It's a real pain in the ass...

Jay said...

Does the Acer Aspire 4530 have a MXM slot for Graphics Card Update?

Weinter said...

Sorry Nope, I opened it up.
No MXM slot, and not enough space to put another graphics card.

Jobu said...

Nice little laptop. Picked it up for $440 shipped. Installed XP and everything has been running great.

Only one problem, I can’t get my bluetooth mouse to recognize. Pressing the bluetooth button on to the left of the keyboard does nothing. It doesn’t even light up. Going into the bluetooth configuration or accessing the bluetooth in Control Panel tells me that no devices are connected or found. I did make sure to press the connect button on my mouse, btw.

The “Quick Guide” manual that came with my Aspire 4530-6823 says that it has “WPAN: Bluetooth 2.0+EDR”, and the site that I purchased it from listed the laptop with bluetooth as a feature. I also tried the drivers earlier in the comments section, as well as the XP bluetooth drivers on Acer’s product support site. Looking at Acer’s product page and Newegg’s listing for the same model, they don’t list bluetooth as a feature.

A quick peek at some blogs and forums reveal that some people have bluetooth on their 4530, and some claim that it doesn’t have such a feature. Do some models carry bluetooth while others do not?

If you have any suggestions, please e-mail shi0bu at gmail.com. Thnx.

Weinter said...

I like to suggest you to dismantle this laptop to check for bluetooth provided it is not under warranty not sure if you will spoil it this way.

popok said...

many thanks mate..just use your help and my webcam working perfectly ..just can't belive it coz since i bought it last year it can't work after first month of usage..

once again..many thanks mate.. :D

Anonymous said...

My Aspire 4530 in particular did not include integrated Bluetooth functionality, and I'm mad.

I was hoping to cram my cirago BTA-3210 into my laptop and plug it into one of those internal USB interfaces on the motherboard, so that I don't need to use a USB port for bluetooth.

Where can I get adapters for this (motherboard USB interface to typical female USB port)?

Anonymous said...

(Bump, adding my own Bluetooth)

I guess what I was trying to ask is if the USB interfaces on the Aspire 4530 motherboard are standardized USB interfaces typical of ATX form factors... or is it a different smaller interface?

If so... what is it, and how do I get a plug for it? I am willing to solder wires to a dongle interface.

Weinter said...

Same interface but the socket is different you will have to solder the wires.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, it helped and working now, but looks like this cable is damaged already on turn to LCD, possible that it need to be changed soon.

crashdude said...

Hi all, i've been to acer service center and they've confirm that the cable is a design flaw. When you bring it to the center, the will replace the cable. I have replace it twice. And it works fine for almost 3 month before another change.... lesson learnt, opt for extended warranty!!!

Admin said...

Hmm... I am sure it is just loose cable because my webcam has been ok for 1 year ++. No send backs...

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks for the tutorial.. It helps a lot.. I've been able to fix the "Black screen" on the webcam with this! Thank you very much!!

Penanam Sayur said...

hi there!!!

I am soo happy, i managed to resolve the webcam problem using ur tips, this is amazing, first time to do this kind of "operation" to my laptop, you never know how fast my heart beat!!
Anyway, still testing it, hopefully there will be no problem anymore.
Thank you soo much!!!

Anonymous said...

it works ! thx. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks , i tried the opration same it is working perfectly , thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much

Anonymous said...

hi there..
do u have any other way to fix the webcam problem without dismantle it?? i'm not really good in assembly things..
i've used aspire 4530 for 1 yr ++ when it crash.when i format it to window 7, the webcam only work for few days b4 it say "no device detected"..i install the latest driver but still make no difference..thanks a lot..

Admin said...

The cause of the issue IS the loose connector that cause signal loss so you have to adjust it to fix it no other way.

Wan Jepun.. said...

yeah..i have done it..and its finally works..tq so much admin..=)

dheeruparu said...

Hey Admin:
Thanx a lot man.Always thought there was no way of rectifying this fault.But thanks to you,now I can use my webcam.N btw, Suyin drivers work for my acer aspire 4530 not bison!!!
Wanted to know if there was a blog to dismantle acer aspire 4520.

Seems to be a bad problem with my dad's acer aspire 4520.Can't even switch it ON.Won't even glow power LEDs when connected to adapter or even battery.Can u help?

Admin said...

When the laptop doesn't even light up it is really bad.
You can try dismantling the components like the RAM switch the slots around then do testing otherwise it is essentially dead.

Christian Sánchez Q said...

I just fixed my webcam, thanks for the tip. It took around 3 months for me to fix it.

yash said...

thanx , it helped me alot even service center couldn't fix it
thanx again webcam works gr8 now.

Azmi said...

Didnt worked for me. Do you have the suyin driver? Btw i have some other question ,should i disable virtual memory if have 4gb ram? Will upgrading from windows 7 32bit to 64bit give performance increase?

Admin said...

Windows should handle paging on its own. Just leave it.
Technically for some applications coded in Native 64bit it should bring some performance increase but not really observable from user POV.

csomaster said...

hi. I currently using this notebook with window 7 ultimate. Usualy window 7 will give you the rating of your notebook about the RAM,graphic and more.
But,mine is not shown. Last time it is shown,but now its not. And even when i click the button ''rate this computer'' there is nothing happen. It still not showing the indexes(rating). Can you tell me why is this happening?

And of course i can't re-run assesment since there is no rating. Please e-mail me the answer. Here is my email. Csomaster@yahoo.com. Please. And thanks. :)

Admin said...

Try reinstalling Windows the method is documented in one of my blog entries "Upgrade Windows 7 from 32bit to 64bit".

maddeath said...

i'm running windows xp on mine. everything works, but the Bluetooth and the DVD drive wont run dvd movies or software of ether disc format. music cd's are the only thing it will read. also i'm using the generic dvd drive drivers that installed with windows. this was my sister's, but she upgraded and gave it to me. i had to use an external drive to install windows bc the internal drive was not reading the disc.
any idea what i can do to fix the optical drive's read error?

Admin said...

If the Optical Disk Drive is broken you most likely have to get a replacement from ebay.

cybersix said...

Admin, how to replace speaker?
My Speaker seems dont work anymore and I need to replace it.

Can you show step by step removing and replacing speaker part?


Chicken Stricken said...

It really works! Yes!