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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Changing the Acer Arcade Shortcut

While surfing the Windows Registry (You must be thinking that I am weird =P) yesterday
I found something interesting
It is actually possible to redirect the shortcut button to other Applications

For example by editing the "command" value under the "My Aspire" Registry Folder
I actually redirected the Acer Arcade Shortcut to Windows Media Player "wmplayer.exe"
Now Pressing the Acer Arcade Button Located above the Wireless Button will launch Windows Media Player
  1. The Command Value Sets the location of the executable to be launch
  2. The Command Types enable you to create a label that will show when you press the shortcut key
  3. You need to create a Label to enter the Application name or it will default to "Arcade" ON my case I attached it to Windows Media Player (because I don't play the lousy Acer games)and set the Label to show Windows Media Player

Thanks to expertester for the pictures =)

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