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Monday, November 24, 2008

Tweak Vista with Ultimate Windows Tweaker

You may want to customise your system information screen with your own photo?

Optimize your network by removing QOS share you don't use it normally anyway
Media sharing is a new function which no one uses in Vista

You might want to disable the irritating Windows Error Reporting
You can also disable Windows Media Centre (it is not Windows Media Player)
Disable autoplay will help prevent virus infected thumbdrives from invading your PC

Time to shutdown is displayer in seconds each interval represent 1 second
Turn off ready boost if you do not have a ready boost flashdrive or if you are not using it at all
You might want to leave force unload DLL on as application may share DLL
Disable Tablet PC input if you are using a Laptop or PC
Disable the Windows ZIP function if you are using Winzip etc
If you keep your files tidy and seldom search for them disable it
Enable PAE
Again you might want to disable the irritating error reporter

Speed up the menu display speed

WinVistaClub has a excellent freeware tool for downloads here
Tweaks that are worth considering are boxed in red and black

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