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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Need Good Info Regarding Laptops ?

Many people buy at the spur of a moment without really known what they bought this is very true especially computers
They simply equate
  • Higher GHZ CPU more powerful
  • More RAM more powerful
  • More Harddisk more powerful
  • Graphics bigger number more powerful???
Sometimes they overbuy what is actually sufficient for needs
You don't want to spend your money on a powerful computer you don't really need
because computer devaluates faster than currency
You bought Intel Graphics because that sales person told you it is good then went home to realise you can't play games with it
You have the common misconception Integrated Graphics can't play game for now it is still generally true but changing soon with the new powerful Nvidia Integrated Graphics that rival even discrete graphics

So I know one website that is really good at giving performance figures and facts because they best represent how good the Laptop is unlike some review which gives stars anyhow irregardless of performance (You want to spend your money on getting most performance)

Graphics Comparison
CPU Comparison

Benchmarks are numbers obtain from using different hardware to run a program to test hardware performance



Any queries regarding terminology leave a message i will try to simplify the terms =)

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